The Impact Proline Tie Rules Has On NFL Betting

Proline NFL parlay odds can look pretty good at first — until you remember the Proline tie rules.

Proline Sometimes Better For NCAA Basketball Betting

You still need to bet a parlay, but there are times you can find better NCAA basketball betting odds on Proline than at sportsbooks.

Proline Betting – Pros

Sure, the odds aren’t great and it’s tougher to win. But there are a few things to like about Proline as well.

Proline Betting – Cons

Once in a while, Proline has its advantages. But here are eight reasons online sportsbooks are a sports bettor’s best bet.

Proline Betting Odds Much Worse Than Slot Machines

Sixty cents on the dollar doesn’t sound like a great deal to us.

Proline Hockey – Why You Shouldn’t Bet V+ And H+

There’s a lot of one-goal games in the NHL. A whooooooole lot of ‘em.

Proline Hockey Betting: Odds Are Worse On V+ And H+ Bets

If you’ve ever played Proline, you’ve likely been tempted by the bigger payouts offered by the V+ and H+ columns. Proline’s V+ and H+ mean different things in different sports. In hockey betting, it means either the visiting or the home team is required to win by two goals or more. In baseball betting, the […]

Proline Strategy: Try Three-Game Rotations

It’s wise not to put all your eggs in one Proline basket.

Proline Tie Rules Depend On Where You Live

Its hard to know when Proline decides that the teams were “equally good!”