New Additions To Pinnacle Sports MLB Betting Lineup

Pinnacle Sports MLB betting has always been our first choice because of their reduced juice MLB odds, but now it’s even better.

In response to “customer requests for a wider range of MLB markets”, Pinnacle ( has added several new features to its MLB lines.

Here are the new additions, with the maximum bet and a bit of information about each:

First Inning Betting (maximum $1,000)

1st inning

Bet on which team will score more runs in their first at bat on the moneyline. If each team scores the same number of runs and the score is tied after the first, your bet will push. Or you can bet Over/Under 0.5 runs in the first inning (the total will always be 0.5, but the juice will fluctuate.)

First Team To Score (maximum $500)

1st to score

If you like the top of a team’s lineup or you expect one of the pitchers to have a rough beginning to the game, you can bet on which team will score first. Road teams obviously have the advantage here, since they are the first to bat.

Hits + Runs + Errors (maximum $500)

Hits plus Runs plus Errors

Use of sabermetrics has made it easier to predict how many hits will be recorded in a game. It’s infuriating to bet an Over and see a lot of hits, but lose because the teams leave a ton of runners on base. Rather than picking who will win the game, you can bet Over/Under how many Hits+Runs+Errors the two teams will combine for in the game.

1st Half Team Totals (maximum $500)

1st half team totals

First half lines on the Pinnacle Sports MLB betting odds have been expanded from moneylines, run lines and totals to include Team Totals for the first 5 innings. These Team Totals allow you to focus on just 1 pitcher and know that they’ll likely be in the game for the entire 5 innings of your bet.

More MLB Live Betting Lines (maximum $500)

Pinnacle Sports MLB betting live odds have always been moneylines, run lines and totals for the full game. Now you can bet on those same outcomes in the first 5 innings as well.

More Pinnacle Sports MLB Betting Options To Come

“Baseball’s unique format and scoring patterns make it especially interesting to bet on. Looking at a game across nine innings is different to predicting what might happen on a much shorter time frame,” Pinnacle said on its website.

“We hope these additional markets are well received, and are planning to add more options later this season including more Alternate Run Lines, and additional markets on Team Totals.”

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