Pinnacle Sports Adds Mobile Betting Site

The best online sportsbook out there just got better.

Pinnacle Sports has finally added the biggest thing it’s always been missing — a mobile site ideal for BlackBerrys, I-Phones and other smart phones.

I would estimate I use my BlackBerry to place at least half of my bets, and I use Pinnacle Sports for the majority of those. Before, Pinnacle Sports’ full site used to load up on my phone, which meant it took a lot more effort and time to place my bets. Now, it’s a breeze.

There are a few things in particular that I really like about the new Pinnacle Sports mobile site.

For starters, when I used to log in with my user name and password, the website’s software would refresh my screen after each entry. The mobile site allows me to enter both user name and password without the screen refreshing, allowing me to log in much more easily and quickly.

Another perk of the mobile site is line changes. Pinnacle Sports adjusts its lines constantly, and my bets were often declined when using the website on my BlackBerry because the lines had changed. The mobile site, however, offers an option of accepting any line change in your favour – another way you can place your bet more easily.

The navigation of the mobile site is also much easier to get around than a full webpage on your smart phone. That makes it a lot easier to discreetly place a few wagers without annoying your wife while you’re being forced to watch The Notebook for the third time.

This certainly isn’t meant as a criticism of Pinnacle Sports’ website, which is actually the most user-friendly in the industry in my opinion. It’s just that websites are a totally different ballgame when on your mobile phone.

One downside to the new Pinnacle Sports mobile site, at least so far, is the lack of an option for parlay and teaser betting. I’m hoping those features will be added in the near future but if they aren’t, keep in mind that you can still place parlays and teasers if you choose the full site option on your smart phone instead of the mobile site.

Pinnacle Sports is our most highly-recommended sportsbook to use for betting on any sport, not just because of the wide variety of betting options it offers but also because it offers the best odds in the industry.