Pinnacle Sports Rolls Out Mobile App, New Beta View

For years, one of the largest and most legitimate criticisms of Pinnacle Sports was that its interface and user-friendliness lagged behind many of its competitors.

That’s changing, and fast.

Days after unveiling the new Pinnacle Sports mobile app, the popular online sportsbook ( continued to up its game with the introduction of the Beta view on its website.

Beta, named as such because Pinnacle Sports plans to make further improvements based on user feedback to the new look, is an alternative to Pinnacle’s Asian and Classic views.

(With Asian, Beta and Classic views, Pinnacle can now cleverly boast that betting is as easy as A-B-C. Bravo, marketing department.)

The Pinnacle Sports Beta view promises improved navigation (featuring icons, breadcrumbs and drop-down menus), a Bet Slip (similar to what is offered on the Pinnacle Sports mobile site, as well as at other sportsbooks such as Bet365, Bodog and Sports Interaction), and game-level views (allowing you to place a wide variety of bets on a game without changing screens).

Here’s a comparison of the three different views Pinnacle Sports now offers on its website, with screenshots:

Pinnacle Sports Asian View

Pinnacle Asian

Pinnacle Sports Classic View

Pinnacle Classic

Pinnacle Sports Beta View

Pinny Beta

We’ve never been huge fans of the Asian view because it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to understand. The Classic view is more pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t offer all the features on one page that the Asian view does. The Beta view seems to be a nice mix of the two.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which view you want to choose. You can toggle between views by using the drop-down menu at the top of the Pinnacle Sports webpage.

Pinnacle Sports Mobile App

The Pinnacle Sports mobile app, meanwhile, appears to be a significant upgrade on what Pinnacle was previously offering for mobile users.


The greatest feature of the app, titled “Pinnacle Lite”, is the ability to get odds alerts directly to your mobile device. For example, if the Capitals are currently +102 on the moneyline and you want to bet them if the odds move to +105 or better, you can set an alert and the app will let you know if/when the odds get to +105.


Other benefits of using the Pinnacle Sports mobile app is that it is the easiest and fastest way to view current odds on a mobile device, and that you can monitor the betting market histories via Pinnacle’s attractive visual odds charts.

The Pinnacle Sports mobile app is currently available on iOS (Apple) devices only, and can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

Pinnacle says the app will soon be available for Android users in the Google Play store as well. Until then, the recently-improved Pinnacle Sports mobile site (which now allows parlays) should serve Android users just fine.