Proline Strategy: Compare NFL Odds To Sportsbooks

Whether you prefer betting NFL on Proline or betting NFL with online sportsbooks, it’s always a good idea to compare the odds at both places.

Every week, there’s often several games where the point spreads are different at Proline than they are with the online sportsbooks. Getting the best line on a game is a big key to winning at sports betting.

Here’s a look at some of this weekend’s NFL games where the Proline odds and online sportsbooks odds are different (Proline odds were from Ontario, while sportsbook odds were current as of Friday afternoon).

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (-14.5 at Proline, -13.5 at online sportsbooks)
14 is one of the key numbers in football betting, since it is the value of two converted touchdowns. So even though 13.5 points and 14.5 points might not look like a big difference, it is. If you like the Cowboys this week (it’s certainly hard to, but they do have a new head coach so they might actually show up to play), you’re better off getting them at +14.5 points with Proline. If you like the Giants, offshore sportsbooks are the place to bet them because if they win by two touchdowns, you’ll cash your bet.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5 at Proline, -6.5/-7 at online sportsbooks)
Here’s another game where you can get either side of a key number, depending on whether you bet the game at Proline or with online sportsbooks. The Panthers sure are awful this year, but you might like getting more than a touchdown with them at Proline. If you like the Buccaneers, however, you don’t need to lay more than a touchdown if you bet them at online sportsbooks.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (-4.5 at Proline, -3/-3.5 at online sportsbooks)
3 is the biggest key number in football. How often do games come down to a field goal at the end? So any time you can lay 3 or less points with a favourite, it’s a big help. At the same time, catching more than 3 points with an underdog will also increase your winning percentage dramatically. Arizona is -3 at some online sportsbooks this week and -3.5 at others (4 is also a key number in the NFL, but not as big as 3), so online sportsbooks are the best place to bet the Cardinals. If you think Seattle can bounce back from last week’s humiliation by the Giants, +4.5 points at Proline is your best line.

Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5 at Proline, -3 at online sportsbooks) at Washington Redskins
Just like the Seattle at Arizona game, here’s another game where sportsbooks offer you a -3 with the favourite and Proline offers +4.5 points with the underdog. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this NFC East rivalry game come down to a late field goal to decide, so Washington +4.5 at Proline is pretty good value on the underdog.

New York Jets (-3.5 at Proline, -3 at online sportsbooks) at Cleveland Browns
As we explained with the past two games, 3 is a huge number in the NFL. If you like the Jets this weekend, they need to win by more than a field goal if you bet on them at Proline. If New York only wins by 3, you’d at least get a push with online sportsbooks. At the same time, if you like the Browns to continue this surprising run they’re on lately, +3.5 points at Proline looks pretty sweet.

Trick question: did you notice a trend with the five games we listed above?

In each of those games, the Proline odds gave more points to the underdog, while the online sportsbooks were the better place to bet the favourite. If you like betting favourites, you’ll often have to lay more points if you bet on them with Proline.

Also, remember that even if you get better odds on individual games with Proline, the payout on multi-game tickets (parlays) is still generally much higher with online sportsbooks.

Pinnacle and 5Dimes are great sportsbooks to use when betting on the NFL because of their reduced juice. You can also often find some different odds on games if you use Sports Interaction, which is known to offer opinionated lines.