Super Bowl Betting: A Closer Look At Super Bowl Props

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is a popular pick for many Super Bowl props bettors.
49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is a popular pick for many Super Bowl props bettors.

Super Bowl 47 kicks off on Sunday, February 3 as the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers go head to head at the Superdome in New Orleans. We look in depth at NFL Super Bowl props betting, including the clash of the quarterbacks.

Pinnacle Sports offers over 250 proposition betting markets for Super Bowl 47, ranging from player and team props to whether or not the coin toss will be heads or tails. With such a wide variety paired with the best odds, Pinnacle Sports is an excellent place for NFL Super Bowl props bettors.

Below, we have selected a few of our favourite NFL Super Bowl props to discuss in more detail.

Flacco vs. Kaepernick

Pinnacle Sports offer a number of prop markets that match quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick against Joe Flacco.

Given the quarterback is the most influential player in any NFL team, the battle between the two is often an indicator as to whether the game is won and lost.

Flacco has started every game for the Baltimore Ravens for the past five NFL seasons, while in comparison Kaepernick is in just his second season after being drafted in 2011, and has played just eight games after replacing original starter Alex Smith (out with concussion) in week 10.

So far this season Flacco has thrown 3,817 YDS (average of 7.2 per play), managing 22 TDS and 10 interceptions, while Kaepernick has thrown 1814 YDS (average of 8.3 per play), with 10 TDS and just three interceptions.

Despite averaging more yards per play, Kaepernick is the +16.5 passing yards underdog. This is most likely due to Kaepernick attempting just 16.7 throwing plays per game, while Flacco chucks an average of 33.18 throws per game.

Flacco is offered as the -3 favourite to complete more passes than his younger rival. Flacco throws an average of 19.81 (59.7%) completed passes per game compared to just 10.46 by Kaepernick (62.4%).

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Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

With the Ravens looking to win their second Super Bowl, and the 49ers searching for their sixth title, there are a number of interesting team head-to-head props to bet on.

One prop offered sees odds on which team will score first in Super Bowl 47. The 49ers are favourites to open the scoring.

The data over the past 20 Super Bowls shows that teams from the NFC (49ers) have scored first on 70% of the times, while teams from the AFC (Ravens) have registered first on the scoreboard just 30% of the time.

The 49ers are also favourites to sack the opposing quarterback first.

A quick look at the stats highlights that Flacco has been sacked four times in the NFL postseason this year compared to just twice for Kaepernick. This may be due to the 49ers running more plays than throwing. However, the question remains – how Kaepernick will perform on the big stage in just his 17th career game?

There are many more team props available to bet on with Pinnacle Sports as well.

Miscellaneous Props

Every year the Super Bowl is full of props offering bettors a number of ways to bet on the biggest show on turf — and Super Bowl 47 is no different.

In addition to betting on the coin toss, Pinnacle Sports are offering markets on whether or not the final score differential will be an odd or even number.

Punters should be aware of the importance of 3 and 7 as key NFL numbers, since 3 is the value of a field goal and 7 is the value of a converted touchdown. The difference between the two Super Bowl champions has been either 3 or 7 in 35% of the last 20 championships.

An odd number is favoured to be the difference between the two sides at the final whistle. It should come as no surprise that 75% of the last 20 Super Bowls have landed on an odd number. However, despite occurring just 25% of the last 20 Super Bowls, three of the last four Super Bowls differential between the teams have ended as an even number.

It is mooted around the NFL that scoring first is vital in the Super Bowl, but the stats over the past 20 years suggest it is not as vital as has been suggested. Only 55% of teams scoring first in the Super Bowl have actually gone in to win it – a much lower number than most people would think. The team which scores first is a solid favourite win, while the team that fall behind can be backed at nice underdog odds.

Another market to bet on is what the first score of Super Bowl 47 will be, either a touchdown or a field goal or safety?

A first score being a touchdown is a solid favourite, while a field goal or safety are available at decent odds. Interestingly, a touchdown has been the first score in 45% of the last 20 years, while a field goal or safety has been the first score in 55% of Super Bowls – including three of the last four.