2013 World Series Odds: Blue Jays Ranked Fourth

Oddsmakers like Toronto's signing of R.A. Dickey and other big roster moves.
Oddsmakers like Toronto’s signing of R.A. Dickey and other big roster moves.

Pretty much any baseball-loving Canadian is excited about the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances this year.

The Jays finally opened their wallets this past-offseason, bolstering their roster with the additions of R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Melky Cabrera and others.
For the first time in a long time, Jays fans can legitimately dream of Toronto’s first World Series championship since those glory years of 1992 and 93.
Oddsmakers certainly think it’s a possibility. Toronto is one of five MLB teams who pay out less than 8:1 odds if they win the World Series in 2013.
The L.A. Dodgers are the overall favourite at Pinnacle Sports, which is offering the Dodgers at a +738 price to win it all. They’re followed by the Washington Nationals (+764), L.A. Angels (+766), Jays (+784) and Detroit Tigers (+793).
Just like there are some fresh faces at the top of the MLB futures board, there are some new World Series darkhorses. The New York Yankees (+1757), St. Louis Cardinals (+2102), Philadelphia Phillies (+2022) and Boston Red Sox (+3706) are all considered unlikely to be baseball’s champion this season. How often over the past decade have we been able to say that?
And for you long-suffering Cubs fans, look like you’ll be suffering a little longer. Chicago’s NL team is given 126:1 odds of ending its World Series curse this season.

Here’s a full listing of MLB futures odds posted at Pinnacle Sports, as of March 31:

1001 Atlanta Braves   +1460
1002 Arizona Diamondbacks   +5279
1003 Baltimore Orioles   +4505
1004 Boston Red Sox   +3706
1005 Chicago Cubs   +12605
1006 Chicago White Sox   +5424
1007 Cincinnati Reds   +928
1008 Cleveland Indians   +10694
1009 Colorado Rockies   +14461
1010 Detroit Tigers   +793
1011 Houston Astros   +24503
1012 Kansas City Royals   +5877
1013 LA Angels   +766
1014 Los Angeles Dodgers   +738
1015 Miami Marlins   +16345
1016 Milwaukee Brewers   +5547
1017 Minnesota Twins   +13833
1018 New York Mets   +10527
1019 New York Yankees   +1757
1020 Oakland Athletics   +3266
1021 Philadelphia Phillies   +2022
1022 Pittsburgh Pirates   +9439
1023 San Diego Padres   +11322
1024 San Francisco Giants   +1487
1025 Seattle Mariners   +10694
1026 St. Louis Cardinals   +2102
1027 Tampa Bay Rays   +1779
1028 Texas Rangers   +1607
1029 Toronto Blue Jays   +784
1030 Washington Nationals   +764