BCLC PlayNow.com And PlayNow Manitoba Review

BCLC PlayNow.com (British Columbia’s online sports lottery) and PlayNow Manitoba are the closest thing that Canadian provinces have to an online sportsbook.

As you can see in the image above, they offer a ton of different betting options (listed in the dropdown menu in the top left of the screen).

Their home page is colourful and attractive, and they also do a good job promoting their various betting specials (such as which team Steven Stamkos would sign with in the summer of 2016).

In our article that compared all of Canada’s provincial sports lotteries, we ranked PlayNow.com No. 1. You’ll likely understand why we did so after reading this complete BCLC Playnow.com and PlayNow Manitoba review.

BCLC PlayNow.com and PlayNow Manitoba Bonuses

Unlike other provincial sports lotteries in Canada, PlayNow runs bonus promotions (if you lose your first mobile bet, you get your money back, etc.).

Granted, those promotions are not quite as good as online sportsbooks that offer up to $200 cash on your first deposit (such as several of the best sportsbooks for Canadians that we recommend).

But it’s definitely better than nothing.

PlayNow Tie Rules

PlayNow doesn’t have those confusing tie rules that vary across Canada (Sports Action, the lottery terminal version of B.C.’s sports lottery, does).

However, you can still select ties on their 3-way oddset (a tie in baseball is a 1-run game, a tie in football is a 7-point game, etc.).

PlayNow Odds

When it comes to odds, PlayNow compares pretty well to online sportsbooks.

Here’s a sample of how a 2-game MLB parlay paid at PlayNow, compared to online sportsbook Pinnacle.com (payouts highlighted in pink).

PlayNow pays $403 ($303 profit, since your original $100 wager is included in the payout) while Pinnacle pays $431 ($331 profit) – just a $28 (or 8.5%) difference in profit.

BCLC Playnow.com 2 game parlayPinnacle 2 game parlay

PlayNow Parlay Requirements

As you can see in the odds comparison above, PlayNow allows you to bet on a minimum of 2 games. Most other provincial sports lotteries demand you parlay at least 3 outcomes onto your ticket.

And in some cases, you can even bet on one thing at a time at PlayNow as long as it combines at least two outcomes.

For example, you don’t need to parlay anything with a prop bet on the Blue Jays to win by 1 run, because it requires the Blue Jays to win and for the margin of victory to be 1 run.

PlayNow Mobile And Online Betting

BCLC PlayNow.com and PlayNow Manitoba accept online betting (including live betting) as well as a wide variety of props and futures – setting them apart from other provincial sports lotteries even more.

Several other provincial sports lotteries offer online betting, but PlayNow mobile and desktop platforms offer the best online betting in our opinion.


For a provincial sports lottery that generates money for the government and requires parlays, BCLC PlayNow.com and PlayNow Manitoba do a terrific job of servicing Canadian sports bettors.

However, if you want the absolute best odds on every bet you make, the ability to bet 1 game at a time or the chance to get signup and reload bonuses, we recommend you check out the best online sportsbooks for Canadians.