The 5 Sportsbooks Any Big Bettor In Canada Needs To Use

Most of us can only dream about doing professional sports betting.

We view sports betting as a source of entertainment, a diversion from the stresses of everyday life.

By placing a few bucks on tonight’s game, you’re invested in the result. You feel involved in the action. For a few hours, you don’t think about that big project at work or how much your kids have been misbehaving lately.

Some of us, however, take sports betting more seriously.

Maybe you view professional sports betting as a legitimate investing opportunity (Mark Cuban has said he sees more potential to make money in sports betting than in trading stocks).

Maybe you aren’t interested in professional sports betting, but simply want to supplement your income. After all, you could make $5,000 per year betting sports by simply placing 3 $100 bets a day and winning 55% of them.

Or perhaps you have deeper pockets than everyone else and you feel the need to risk big bucks in order to ‘feel’ a win or a loss.

Regardless, if you’re betting big money, you need to be using sportsbooks that will suit your needs.

The 5 Best Sportsbooks For Professional Sports Betting And Big Bettors In Canada


If you’re risking $1000 or more per bet, getting the best odds on all your bets is critical to your bottom line. (That’s true no matter what, but the difference between +105 and +110 on a moneyline is $50 less in your pocket on a $1,000 bet.)

And if you’re in this to make money, you absolutely need to find other ways to save a few bucks every chance you can, like paying lower fees on deposits and withdrawals, getting big bonuses, avoiding currency exchanges and so on.

In this article, we’ve ranked the 5 best sportsbooks for professional sports betting in Canada, and explained why.

(Note: Before you start betting big, make sure you can afford it. Set aside a bankroll for betting and make sure it’s an amount you could afford to lose without significantly affecting your life. Also, be sure to stick to a smart money management strategy. And if you feel gambling is becoming a problem for you, get help.)

1. Pinnacle


  • Best Odds (Reduced Juice)
  • Low Fees
  • High Limits
  • Overnight Lines
  • Accepts Canadian Currency
  • Strong Mobile Platform
  • Winners Welcome


  • No Bonuses

Pinnacle is a must-have account for any Canadian looking to do professional sports betting or regularly place large bets.

They consistently have the best odds (-105 pricing in most markets), they’ll take huge bets (up to $30,000 on NFL sides), and their banking fees are basically non-existent (including one free withdrawal per month.) You also won’t have to worry about currency exchange fees since Pinnacle accepts Canadian currency.

Equally as important for big bettors is the fact that winners are welcome. Other sportsbooks have been known to ban or limit players who are winning money, but Pinnacle embraces winning players because it helps them tighten their betting lines.

Pinnacle also posts overnight lines, which allows you to place bets before the line moves, and has made many recent improvements to its mobile platform.

The one big knock against Pinnacle is the lack of bonuses. But if you’re routinely betting $100 or more, the money you’ll save on getting the best odds will quickly exceed the value of any bonus you could have received.

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2. 5Dimes


  • Great Odds (Reduced Juice)
  • Signup and Loyalty Bonuses
  • Overnight Lines
  • Wide Variety of Prop Bets
  • High Limits


  • Doesn’t Accept Canadian Currency
  • Withdrawal Fees
  • May Limit Winning Players

5Dimes is another excellent sportsbook to use if you’re a big bettor.

They offer you many different options (reduced juice, free plays, cash back, free payouts, etc.) as a signup bonus. Make sure you select ‘reduced juice‘ if you expect to be placing large bets there. Like we said above with Pinnacle, the money you’ll save on getting the best odds will quickly exceed any free play or cash bonus you could get instead.

5Dimes is also known for its massive selection of props, which gives you greater flexibility to bet on what you want to bet. Their limits are pretty high ($5,000 per wager in most markets) and you can re-bet unlimited times.

The downsides for playing at 5Dimes are that they don’t accept Canadian currency (though you can avoid exchange fees if you deposit using Bitcoin), there are fees to withdraw money (again, you can avoid these by using Bitcoin), and they may eventually cut your limits if you’re a winning player.

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3. BetOnline


  • Good Odds (Including MLB Dimelines)
  • Huge Signup And Reload Bonuses
  • Among The First To Post Betting Lines
  • Solid Mobile Site


  • Doesn’t Accept Canadian Currency
  • Withdrawal Fees

BetOnline doesn’t quite beat out Pinnacle or 5Dimes, but it’s still a very good sportsbook for big bettors.

A major reason for that is BetOnline’s odds, which compare very well to the best in the industry. They’re also among the very first sportsbooks to post opening lines, allowing big bettors to quickly pounce on any oddsmaker mistakes.

BetOnline is very well known for its generous bonus offers. They regularly offer a 25% free play signup bonus (sometimes beefing it up to 50%) and they also offer similar reload bonuses for every deposit you make.

Like 5Dimes, BetOnline does not accept Canadian currency, but they do accept Bitcoin. The other knock against BetOnline is their withdrawal fees (many of their withdrawal options come with a 2% fee, which can quickly add up when you’re pulling out thousands). If you do play at BetOnline, you may want to withdraw via courier check, which allows you to pull out $2,500 for a flat fee of $35.

Visit BetOnline now


4. Bet365


  • Largest Sportsbook In The World And Regulated In The United Kingdom
  • Free Deposits And Withdrawals
  • High Limits
  • Signup Bonus Up To $200
  • Great Live Betting (Including Free Streaming Of International Sports)
  • Accepts Canadian Currency
  • Great Mobile Platform


  • Standard Odds (No Reduced Juice)

The only reason we don’t rank Bet365 higher for big bettors is because they don’t have reduced juice. It’s not that Bet365’s odds are bad, they’re just average – although their live betting odds are among the best in the industry.

They’re a phenomenal sportsbook in every other way. They don’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals, they’ll give you up to $200 for signing up, they have high limits (the max bet there is approximately $40,000), they provide free live streaming of 70,000 events per year, and they even accept Canadian currency.

You’ll also enjoy the comfort and security of dealing with the largest sportsbook in the world. If you’re betting big money, that’ll be extra important to you.

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5. William Hill


  • Publicly Traded Company (Listed On The London Stock Exchange)
  • Free Deposits And Withdrawals
  • Accepts Canadian Currency
  • Signup Bonus Of $100
  • Very Good Mobile App


  • Standard Odds (No Reduced Juice)
  • Does Not Accept Players From British Columbia

William Hill is very similar to Bet365 in that it’s a rock-solid sportsbook (William Hill was founded in 1934 and has been publicly traded since 2002), offers free deposits and withdrawals, and accepts Canadian currency. They also have a 100% signup bonus, though it tops out at $100.

Again, the only real reason not to do professional sports betting or consistently place big bets at William Hill is that their betting odds are average. If you’re betting a point spread at William Hill, you’re likely doing it at standard -110 odds, not reduced juice like Pinnacle or 5Dimes.

Also, if you’re a British Columbia resident, you won’t be able to play at William Hill. They pulled out of the BC market in the spring of 2016.

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