Best “Canadian” Sportsbooks

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There are over 1,000 online sportsbooks today, but only a handful do a great job of catering to sports bettors in Canada. Sportsbooks typically target bettors in the U.S. or Europe, which doesn’t help the thousands of us that enjoy sports betting in Canada. We’ve narrowed the list of all online bookmakers down to the 5 best sportsbooks for Canadians.

Only one of the sportsbooks on this list is “truly Canadian” – Sports Interaction. Most operate in other parts of the world. We would love to recommend only sportsbooks located in Canada but there just aren’t enough solid options beyond Sports Interaction.

In order to earn a spot on our list of Best Canadian Sportsbooks, a bookmaker must meet the following five criteria:

Highly Rated

Only sportsbooks that are rated high by industry watchdogs, players and us make this list. Each sportsbook on our list has been in business for at least a decade and has a solid reputation.

Canadian Dollar Betting Account

One of the challenges of Canadian sports betting is dealing with the U.S. exchange rate. Typically, sportsbooks that target the North American market offer betting account in US dollars only. Most sports bettors in Canada, however, earn and spend their money in Canadian dollars. Foreign exchange fees can really add up over time and one way Canadians can save some money is to join a sportsbook that offers a betting account in Canadian dollars. Each sportsbook on our list has a Canadian currency account.

Excellent Funding Methods

Among the benefits Canadian gamblers enjoy over our American neighbours are the excellent deposit methods we can use. We are big fans of speedy and cost-effective e-wallets like InstaDebit for receiving money from and sending money to sportsbooks. In order to be considered among the best sportsbooks for Canadians, a book must accept at least one good electronic funding method available to Canadians.

Reliable Payouts

In order to make the cut, a sportsbook must have a rock-solid history of reliable and timely payouts. If you join any sportsbook we recommend, you’ll be paid promptly when you win.

Popular Canadian Sports

Canadians typically bet on North American sports (and perhaps soccer as well) so the sportsbooks on this list have good lines for the sports Canadians bet most often. Since we recommend only the biggest and best sportsbooks, you will most likely find your preferred sport is offered.

Top Canadian Sportsbooks

After factoring in the preceding criteria, the list of over 1,000 online sportsbooks magically becomes 4 great choices for Canadians.

Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle is hands down the best Canadian sportsbook for sports bettors looking for the best odds. They excel in all areas of catering to sports bettors in Canada. Pinnacle accepts InstaDebit and pretty much any other funding method Canadians prefer. They are the only sportsbook on this list with reduced juice, but unfortunately also the only one that doesn’t offer sportsbook bonuses. If you want the best odds and betting experience you should be betting at Pinnacle.

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Sports Interaction Sportsbook

Sports Interaction is a great sportsbook for recreational sports bettors in Canada, those who tend to bet a reasonable amount per game ($1-$100) and for those who appreciate a good bonus and customer service. They are located here and cater to our market very well. If you’re looking for the most popular sportsbook for Canadian sports bettors then you’ve found it. One million customers can’t be wrong!

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Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 is the most advertised sportsbook in Canadian media and therefore caters really well to Canadians. They are one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world so they also focus on popular European sports like soccer. Bet365 accepts InstaDebit and many other funding methods Canadians prefer to use.

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Bodog Sportsbook

Bodog is a Canadian friendly sportsbook which we like because they are not afraid to post opinionated lines, offering good value to sports bettors who line shop. It’s a sportsbook that seems to keep getting better ever year.

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Why join an online sportsbook?

The biggest reason we love betting sports at online sportsbooks, rather than play with our provincial sports lotteries, is because it gives us the ability to bet on one game at a time.

But there are so many other reasons. If you’re still on the fence about betting sports online instead of playing 3-game parlays at low odds at the local convenience store, you owe it to yourself to check out the 13 reasons why sportsbooks are better than Proline.