Entropay Review

Account Setup: < 5 Minutes
Availability of Funds: Instant

What is Entropay?

Entropay is a pre-paid virtual Visa card that you can then use like a credit card to deposit at online sportsbooks.

How does Entropay work?

You can fund your Entropay card with a credit card or from your bank account. You can then use those funds to make online payments or purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

Which Online Sportsbooks Accept Entropay?

Entropay is currently accepted at most of the best online sportsbooks.  Currently Entropay is accepted at the following sportsbooks.

Is Entropay safe?

Yes, we consider Entropay very safe to use. Your account login, personal details and all money transactions are secured with 128-bit encryption. And, since it is a pre-paid card, you can only spend what you’ve already funded.

What are Entropay fees?

Entropay charges a fee of 4.95% on any fundings you make from a credit or debit card, and 1.95% on any money you receive to your Entropay card. There is no charge for spending money that is already on your Entropay card, or for setting up or cancelling an account.

How do I set up an Entropay account?

Sign up for an Entropay card, which is quick and easy. Then choose which credit/debit card or bank account you want to use to fund your Entropay card. Once your credit/debit card or bank account is verified, you can load up your Entropay card and make your online payments.

What are Entropay limits?

Entropay limits depend on which type of account you have.  There are 3 types of accounts, all of which are free. The Starter account is the one assigned to you when you sign up.  Limits are low on your new account (see image below) but can be quickly raised by confirming your email address which will elevate your account to Basic status.  The top account, Premier, is available if you send in some identification documents to Entropay.  Limits at the Premier level are quite high – $20,000 every 30 days.



You can withdraw money from your Entropay card to the credit/debit card or bank account you used to fund the Entropay card, to a maximum of how much you’ve funded your Entropay card in the past 12 months. If you win big with a sportsbook and need to withdraw more than you initially funded, you can withdraw large amounts using Entropay’s bank transfer service.

Entropay Account Currencies

Entropay accounts are offered in American currency, British pounds and euros. You can fund your Entropay card with Canadian money (and many other currencies), but the balance must be converted back to USD, GBP or euros.

The Bottom Line…

Entropay is a quick and easy way to fund your sports betting account. Fees are a little higher than we’d like but we love the convenience of this deposit method.  Overall, Entropay is a solid funding method for Canadian sports bettors.

If you have any more questions, Entropay has an instant answer feature on its website that will likely answer them for you.