Seven Ways To Do Golf Betting

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The most popular way to do golf betting is to pick the tournament winner.

With fields often featuring 100 players or more, even tournament favourites can pay big returns on the golf betting odds. And with the amount of luck involved in golf betting, it’s very common for big underdogs to win tournaments and net you a huge payday.

But strictly picking tournament winners can make the golf tournament boring in a hurry if your players blow up in Round 1.

With that in mind, we present seven ways to do golf betting:

Keep in mind, you can always parlay these types of bets to increase your potential winnings. But the big advantage of betting with online sportsbooks is that it is the only way to do single game sports betting in Canada that isn’t illegal. Why not bet one game or event at a time, where winning just 55% of your bets could make you a lot of money?


1. Golf Betting Futures

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(Screenshot from Sports Interaction)

As we mentioned earlier, golf betting futures are the most popular way to bet on golf.

Since you’re betting on players to beat out 100 players or more, it’s best to bet on several different players to win. This can also allows you to hedge your bets if you have several players in contention in the final round.

The ‘EW’ behind the odds in the above example is a cool feature offered by Sports Interaction. If you select the ‘EW’ (Each Way) option, two bets will be entered on your behalf — one for the player to win, the other to finish within the top specified number of places.

If you did an Each Way bet for a player to win or finish in the top 5, you’d win both bets if he wins the tournament. Check out Sports Interaction for more details.


2. Golf Betting Tournament Matchups

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(Screenshot from Pinnacle Sports)

Instead of betting on the entire entire field, golf betting tournament matchups allow you to single out two players in the tournament and bet on which player you think will score better than the other.

This is a great way to capitalize on when you feel a player will shoot well in a tournament. Even if your player doesn’t win the tournament, you’ll still win your bet if he scores better than his opponent.


3. Spread Golf Betting

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(Screenshot from 5Dimes)

Instead of betting on the whole tournament, golf betting spreads allow you to bet on the result of a particular pairing during one particular round. The spread accounts for the difference in ability between the players in the pairing, just like a handicap evens the playing field when you play with your buddy.


4. Moneyline Golf Betting

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(Screenshot from Pinnacle Sports)

Golf betting moneylines are similar to spread betting, except you don’t have to worry about how much a player wins his pairing by. Since there is no handicap to level the playing field, you’ll have to risk more if you bet on the favourite and you can win more if you bet on the underdog. If the players tie, the bet pushes and is cancelled.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, most sportsbooks offer three-ball betting for when there are three players in each pairing during the first two rounds of tournaments.

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(Screenshot from Bodog)


5. Over Under Golf Betting

Over under golf betting is a fun way to bet on individual players. It’s very simple: the oddsmaker posts a total score for that player that day, and you bet on whether the player will score over or under that total. Over under golf betting should keep you interested throughout the entire round.


6. Golf Live Betting

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(Screenshot from Bodog)

Golf live betting takes you inside the game as if you were playing each shot. For example, if Rory McIlroy hits his drive into the rough, you can bet on whether you think he will bogey that hole or save his par.

The odds change after every shot, so golf live betting will keep you on your toes. It’s most commonly available during major tournaments like Masters betting, U.S. Open betting, British Open betting and PGA Championship betting.


7. Golf Live Betting Futures

As the tournament progresses, the futures golf betting odds will change. Betting on the tournament winner after the tournament begins enables you to bet on a smaller playing field and increase your chances of winning. Of course, the downside is that the payout probably won’t be as big as it would have before the tournament began.