Leafs Good Puckline Bet on Back to Back

The Leafs have not won many games this season, four to be precise. Somehow, two of them have come against Dallas, one of the top teams in the Western Conference. One of the Maple Leafs wins’ came  against the Columbus Blue Jackets on a Friday night, the first of two games in a row; they went on to lose the Saturday night game.

There is a trend when the Leafs play in back to back games; and it is that they play well in the second game but seem to always come up just short.

0-4 On Second Night of Back to Backs, But Three Losses By one Goal

The Leafs have two more back to back sets coming up this month, this weekend Saturday and Sunday, and the week after on Friday and Saturday. So far the Leafs have played in four  back to back game sets this season; in all but one of them they have managed to keep the second game close and have lost by 1 goal. In the third one, they were blown out at home losing by four.

This weekend will mark the 5th back to back set, Saturday against the Canucks and Sunday travelling to face the New York Rangers. The Leafs certainly won’t be favourites to go into New York to win the game but if their trend continues they should keep the game close. If there is a bet on the Leafs this weekend it will be for them to cover a goal and a half spread on Sunday.

The Leafs have already lost once to the Rangers this season but playing them closely and staying under a 5 goal total. This Sunday it should be more of the same in New York but maybe just losing by 1 goal.

Trends say to stay away from a Leaf win on the second night of a back to back, but if there is a place to bet on the Leafs, it would be them covering a +1.5 goal spread.

– Article by Patrick O’Neill (@PONeill472)