Mayweather Pacquaio Betting Odds Getting Tighter

(Photo credit: JustinMatthewMedia / Foter / CC BY)

Lots of money has already been bet on the May 2 welterweight bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, and much of it has been on the underdog.

When the Mayweather Pacquaio betting odds were first posted in late February, Mayweather was as high a favourite as -275. Two weeks into April, Mayweather was just -175 and Pacquaio was +175 on the Pinnacle Sports Mayweather Pacquaio betting odds.

Pinnacle Sports Mayweather Pacquaio Betting Odds

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According to an ESPN Chalk article by David Purdum, nearly $1 million had already been bet on the fight at the Las Vegas MGM sportsbook alone as of early April. Three times more money at MGM had been bet on Pacquaio than Mayweather, and CT Technology sportsbook operator reported a 6:1 ratio of bettors taking Pacquaio over Mayweather.

“Public on the ‘dog,” said Art Manteris, the sportsbook director of Station Casinos and a boxing expert. “Some of the best sports handicappers and guys I respect the most are on the favorite. I’m just not sure I agree with them this time.”

May 2 will be a crazy day in Vegas as well as sports betting in Canada and across the world. The Kentucky Derby will be held earlier in the day, and the NBA and NHL playoffs will be in full swing too.