Mise-O-Jeu Review (Quebec Sports Lottery)

In this Mise-O-Jeu review, you’ll see that the Quebec sports lottery compares pretty well to PlayNow and Proline Stadium when it comes to betting options.

On top of the standard moneyline, point spread and Over/Under betting lines, they also offer a nice selection of alternate lines and props.

However, we put them third in our rankings of the five Canadian provincial sports lotteries primarily because their odds are worse than PlayNow and Proline Stadium.

Another knock on Mise-O-Jeu is that their website is not as user friendly as PlayNow or as informative as Proline Stadium.

Mise-O-Jeu Bonuses

There’s no mention of bonuses or promotion offers on the Mise-O-Jeu website.

They occasionally run free contests like an annual hockey pool, but there were no bonus offers like you’d see at online sportsbooks, or even BCLC PlayNow.

Mise-O-Jeu tie rules

Mise-O-Jeu offers both 2-way and 3-way outcome betting. If you choose 2-way outcome betting, you don’t have to worry about any Mise-O-Jeu tie rules since Visitor win and Home win are the only options. If the game actually does tie, you’ll be given a win at 1.00 odds (basically, the game won’t count on your ticket.)

If you play 3-way outcome betting, however, you’re now choosing between Visitor win, Home win and Tie. The only sports you have to worry about the tie in at Mise-O-Jeu are hockey and soccer, and they grade those sports as ties if the score is tied after regulation (OT and shootouts don’t count).

For more on Mise-O-Jeu tie rules, see our popular article about how Proline tie rules depend on where you live.

Mise-O-Jeu Odds

Again, the odds at Mise-O-Jeu depend on whether you play 2-way or 3-way outcomes. For example, if you picked Visitor win, you’d get better odds playing the 3-way outcome bet because there are 3 possible outcomes (Visitor, Tie, Home) instead of 2, which decreases your chances of winning your bet.

Either way, the Mise-O-Jeu odds are not very good, especially when you compare them to online sportsbooks.

Here’s a look at what a 3-game soccer parlay pays at Mise-O-Jeu (on left), compared to British bookmaker William Hill (payouts highlighted in yellow).

mise-o-jeu odds

mise-o-jeu review

On a $100 wager, Mise-O-Jeu paid $213 less than William Hill for the same 3-game soccer parlay. Subtract the $100 original wager from your payout and you stand to profit $391 at Mise-O-Jeu, compared to $604 at William Hill. That’s a whopping 55% more you could have won betting at an online sportsbook!

Mise-O-Jeu also offers a betting competition called “Predictions”, which is a pool in which you pick a winner from all the games on a betting list. If you get the most correct or the second-most correct of all players in the province that day, you win money – you don’t need to get all your picks right like you do with a parlay.

However, the jackpot for “Predictions” is only 60% of the money that was collected in the pool, and you’ll have to split it with anyone else who ties with you. In reality, it’s not much better than buying a 50/50 ticket, and far worse odds than playing a slot machine or blackjack.

Mise-O-Jeu parlay requirement

Mise-O-Jeu parlay rules are identical to PlayNow and Proline Stadium – you can bet on as little as 2 games on your ticket.

Some bets can be made individually, if they relate to more than one event or combine two questions in one. An example of this is “who will win the match and by how many points”, which is technically parlaying the winner of the game with the number of points they’ll win by.

Any bets you can make on their own will be identified on the Mise-O-Jeu website with a blue box with an ‘S’ inside of it, like this:


Mise-O-Jeu online betting

Mise-O-Jeu offers online betting. In order to play Mise-O-Jeu online, you need to be a member of Espacejeux, which is Loto-Quebec’s online transactional gaming website.

As long as you have sufficent funds in your account, you can log in to your Espacejeux account and select ‘Purchase Online’ to confirm your selections and complete your transaction.

Loto-Quebec incentivizes bettors to play Mise-O-Jeu online by offering better odds in its online product. Mise-O-Jeu point spread and over/under odds at retailers are 1.80, but they increase to 1.85 if you purchase your ticket online.

On a 3-game $100 ticket, that equals a payout difference of $50 – still nowhere close to what you can get from an online sportsbook, but certainly better than buying tickets at the convenience store.

Mise-O-Jeu Review: Conclusion

By provincial sports lottery standards, there were quite a few things to be complimentary of in this Mise-O-Jeu review.

They have a nice variety of betting options, they offer some “single event wagers” (although they still require a couple of outcomes), and they are one of the few provinces to offer online sports betting in Canada.

However, Mise-O-Jeu odds rank well behind PlayNow and a bit behind Proline Stadium, and certainly behind what you can get at online sportsbooks. If you live in Quebec and better odds are important to you, we highly recommend you check out the best online sportsbooks for Canadians to make sure you’re not leaving any more money on the table.