Proline Review (Ontario)

When you consider that nearly 40 per cent of Canadians live in Ontario, it may seem ridiculous that our Ontario Proline review puts them at the very bottom of our provincial sports lottery rankings.

But that’s where they are, and it’s not just because their odds are by far the worst in Canada. Proline Ontario also doesn’t have bonuses or even online sports betting.

On the bright side, their website is better than Sport Select, mainly because they include matchup information about each game, similar to Proline Stadium. It’s not easy to find the matchup info, though; you’ll find it in small blue hyperlink under each game’s listing in their odds (see example below).

proline review

Ontario Proline’s limited betting selection is identical to Western Canada Sport Select:

  • Proline (when you pick Visitor, Tie or Home for who will win the game, and Over or Under the total)
  • Point Spread (parlaying picks against the spread)
  • Pools (where you predict the outcome of every game on the card, with the person with the most correct picks winning or sharing the prize pool)
  • Props (picking between two players to win a matchup in a specific statistical category, such as points in hockey or receiving yards in football)

Proline bonuses

The Proline website ( does not feature any bonuses or promotional offers.


That’s actually pretty offensive, considering that Proline accounted for nearly $300 million in revenue from Ontario sports bettors in the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Proline tie rules

When it comes to ties, Proline tie rules in Ontario are the most confusing of the five provincial sports lotteries we reviewed.

Some of the tie rules are the same as other provinces, such as 5-point games in basketball and 3-point games in baseball.

However, the Proline hockey tie rules are really weird: Overtime is included, but not shootouts. That means that in a game decided by a shootout, it will be graded as both a ‘Tie’ and a ‘V’ or ‘H’ win, depending on whether the visitor or home team wins.

If you pick a tie in hockey and someone scores in overtime, you’ll lose.

Proline Odds

Proline odds in Ontario are horrifically bad, especially when it comes to longer-paying odds like big underdogs or “V+” and “H+” (when teams have to win by large margins).

When conducting this Proline review, we couldn’t directly compare Proline hockey odds to those at Canadian online sports betting site Sports Interaction because Proline hockey does not include shootouts while Sports Interaction does.

Instead, we did a 3-game parlay at both Proline and Sports Interaction using teams on the -1.5 handicap (H+ and V+ at Proline require a team to win by 2 or more goals, which is the same as the -1.5 puck line at sportsbooks.)

Proline Ontario odds


The difference in payouts between Proline and Sports Interaction is staggering. Proline is paying $1,008 ($908 profit) on a $100 wager, while Sports Interaction is paying $2,663 ($2,563 profit). That’s a difference of an absolutely stunning 280%.

Proline parlay rules

Ontario Proline requires you to parlay a minimum of 3 outcomes onto each ticket.

If you’re playing Point Spread, you can parlay as few as 2 games – but at a return of just double your money. To put that into perspective, a standard 2-game point spread parlay at pays nearly 3 times that much.

Proline online betting

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission added an online gambling site to its portfolio in 2015.

However, only offers casino games and lotteries, not Proline online betting. There has been no indication of when Ontarians might be able to place Proline bets online.

Proline Review: Conclusion

Like we said at the start of this Ontario Proline review, residents of Canada’s most populated province deserve a lot better.

They don’t offer bonuses or even online betting, and their odds are easily the poorest of the five Canadian provincial sports lotteries.

While residents of British Columbia, Manitoba and even Atlantic Canada may be content to bet on sports in Canada with their provincial lotteries, we don’t see much reason for Ontario residents to not want to bet with one of the best online sportsbooks for Canadians instead.