Proline Stadium Review

In this Proline Stadium review, you’ll see that Maritime residents are served fairly well by their provincial sports lottery.

Proline Stadium offers a decent selection of betting options (futures, props, 1st half lines, etc.) and their odds are competitive with most provinces.

And their website ( features game previews, the latest headlines, polls, consensus info and even a discussion forum so you can see what fellow sports bettors are thinking.

That’s why we ranked Proline Stadium No. 2 when we compared all of the provincial sports lotteries in Canada.

In this Proline Stadium review, we’ll go more in-depth about all of the features the Atlantic Canada sports lottery has to offer those who live along Canada’s eastern coast.

Proline Stadium Bonuses

When we visited Proline Stadium’s website, we saw a link for Contests but no mention of any bonus offers.

That’s pretty disappointing when you consider you can get a $200 signup bonus (sometimes more) when you make your first deposit at several of the best sportsbooks for Canadians such as Bodog.

By comparison, BCLC and Manitoba PlayNow offers bonus promotions, such as a refund of your first mobile bet if it loses.

Proline Stadium tie rules

If you like picking ties in hockey, you’ll probably like the Proline Stadium tie rules. If a game is tied after 60 minutes, it will be ruled a tie – overtime and shootouts are not included.

Of course, that rule will hurt you if you don’t like picking ties in hockey.

Otherwise, the tie rules at Proline Stadium are basically similar to Proline tie rules across the country: 3-point games in football, 5-point games in basketball and 1-run games in MLB.

Proline Stadium Odds

On the surface, Proline Stadium odds looked amazing when we compared a 2-game MLB parlay there to Pinnacle sportsbook.

The Proline Stadium parlay (on the left) paid $99.50 on a $25 bet, compared to $70.99 at Pinnacle (payouts highlighted in yellow).

Giants Mets Proline Stadium reviewGiants Mets Pinnacle

But then you remember about that pesky MLB tie rule at Proline Stadium, where any 1-run game is declared a tie. That might not seem like a big deal, but in the 2016 MLB season, 28.2% of the games (686 out of 2,430) were decided by 1 run.

So now, you have to take both of those teams on the -0.5 point spread instead, and all of a sudden Proline Stadium odds don’t look so good anymore.

Giants Mets spread Proline Stadium

When you remember that payouts on bets with decimal odds include your original wager, you stand to profit $34.75 (59.75 – 25.00) on that 2-game bet at Proline Stadium, compared to $44.99 (70.99 – 25.00) at Pinnacle.

That’s a 23% difference.

Parlay requirements

Just like British Columbia and Manitoba PlayNow, Atlantic Canada Proline Stadium allows you to parlay a minimum of 2 games.

That certainly increases your chances of winning over the provinces that insist on a minimum of 3.

Proline Stadium online betting

The Atlantic Canada Lottery Corporation accepts online gambling on its website ( and that includes Proline Stadium. If you have a funded account with the ACLC, you can place your wagers online.

However, you aren’t allowed to place online bets at Proline Stadium if you’re physically located outside of Atlantic Canada at the time. That’s definitely a bummer if you travel often for work or for pleasure, especially since online sportsbooks allow you to wager almost anywhere you go.

Proline Stadium Review: Conclusion

For a provincial sports lottery in Canada, our Proline Stadium review concludes that the Atlantic Canada Lottery Corporation product is pretty decent. They especially do a good job of providing game previews and statistics to help you make educated wagers on the games.

However, if you want the absolute best odds on every bet you make, the ability to bet 1 game at a time or the chance to get signup and reload bonuses, we recommend you check out the best online sportsbooks for Canadians.