Proline Tie Rules Depend On Where You Live

Other than Timbits hockey, where can one team score more points than the other, yet have the game declared as a tie?

Proline, that’s where.

The provincial sports lotteries have a number of confusing tie rules when it comes to grading your wagers, rules that stack the odds against you a little bit more.

The rules vary by province as well. Here’s a look at what the different provincial sports lotteries consider a tie and what they don’t:

British Columbia Sports Action tie rules

Sports Action tie rules

British Columbia Proline (Sports Action Oddset) allows you to choose between betting with the tie option (3-Way Oddset) or without (2-Way Oddset).

The good thing about 2-Way Oddset is that you don’t have to worry about Sports Action tie rules. Unfortunately, the 2-way oddset (where you pick either Visitor or Home, and a Tie is graded as a ‘push’ paying 1.00 odds) gives much worse odds on the V and H outcomes that you pretty much need to play 3-Way Oddset in order to win any significant money.

For example, the 2-way oddset on a recent baseball game paid 1.50 for the visitor and 1.70 for the home team. Considering the fair odds on a 50/50 proposition are 2.00, that’s a lot of juice.

So now you decide to play Sports Action 3-Way Oddset instead. Just be warned that the British Columbia Sports Action tie rules are the least bettor-friendly of all provincial lotteries in Canada.

Here they are:

  • Hockey: any regular-season game that is tied after regulation time and overtime is declared a tie (shootouts do not count). During the playoffs, however, any games that go to overtime are declared a tie (overtime does not count).
  • Basketball: any game that is decided by five points or less is declared a tie. Overtime does count towards the final score, so if you pick a tie in a game that goes to overtime and then one team wins by six or more, you lose.
  • Baseball: any game that ends with a one-run differential is declared a tie. Extra innings count towards the final score, so if you pick a tie in a game that goes to extra innings and then one team wins by two or more, you lose.
  • Football: British Columbia’s Proline tie rules are similar to most other provinces. Any game that is decided by three points or less is declared a tie. Overtime counts towards the final score, so if you pick a tie in a game that goes to overtime and then one team wins by a touchdown, you lose.
  • Golf: Any matchup that is decided by one stroke is declared a tie.

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Western Canada Proline tie rules

WCLC Proline tie rules

WCLC tie rules for the Prairie provinces and northern territories are fairly simple to understand.

  • Hockey and soccer: games that are tied after regulation time. Overtime and shootout results do not count.
  • Football: games that are decided by three points or less are graded as ties
  • Basketball: games that are decided by five points or less are graded as ties.
  • Baseball: each game has a winner and a loser – it doesn’t matter how many runs the game is decided by.

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Ontario Proline tie rules

Ontario Proline tie rules

Proline tie rules in Ontario are unique when it comes to hockey and baseball, because it’s possible for games to be graded both as ties and as a win for one of the teams.

The other Ontario Proline tie rules are pretty standard.

Let us explain:

  • Hockey: any game that goes to a shootout is a tie. However, whichever team wins the shootout will also be declared as the winner. That means if a hockey game goes to a shootout, it will be both a tie and a win for one team or the other. There is no tie option when it comes to playoff hockey.
  • Baseball: any game decided by one run is ruled a tie, but it is also a V or H win, depending on whether the visitor or home team won. It is obviously not, however, a V+ or H+, since neither team won by 2 or more runs.
  • Football: if a football game is decided by three points or less, it is a tie.
  • Basketball: if a basketball game is decided by five points or less, it is a tie.
  • Soccer: a game that is tied after regulation time is a tie. Overtime and shootouts do not count.

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Quebec Mise-O-Jeu tie rules

Quebec’s Mise-O-Jeu tie rules are either the least complicated or the most complicated Proline tie rules, depending on which game you play.

If you play the 3-way outcome game, the only sports you need to worry about ties in are hockey and soccer. Mise-O-Jeu does not include overtime or shootouts in its hockey or soccer results.

If you play the 2-way outcome game, ties are not a possible outcome in any sport (soccer is not offered in two-way outcomes).

Hockey games that go past overtime include the shootout to determine a winner. In basketball, you can either pick a team to win straight up or against the spread. In football, you must pick against the spread. Baseball games are never considered a tie, regardless of the differential in score.

Mise-O-Jeu offers a nice variety of betting lines, but we still rank them behind PlayNow and Proline Stadium when it comes to the best provincial sports lotteries in Canada. Our Mise-O-Jeu review explains why.

Atlantic Canada Proline tie rules

Proline Stadium tie rules

Atlantic Proline tie rules are similar to tie rules in British Columbia, with the exception of hockey.

Here are the Proline Stadium tie rules:

  • Hockey: neither overtime or shootouts are included in the results. If a team scores in overtime, the game is still considered a tie.
  • Football: games decided by three points or less are graded as ties.
  • Basketball: games decided by five points or less are graded as ties.
  • Baseball: games that end with a one-run differential are considered ties
  • Golf: matchups decided by one stroke are graded as ties.
  • Soccer: overtime is included in the results, but not shootouts.

Maritimers get pretty good service from their provincial sports lottery, compared to the rest of Canada. However, our Proline Stadium review details why you’re still better off betting sports at online sportsbooks.

Online Sportsbook Tie Rules

These tie rules are pretty simple.

If you bet on a team to win the game at an online sportsbook (otherwise known as the moneyline), you win if they win. It doesn’t matter if a basketball team wins by less than 5 points, a football team wins by a field goal, or if a hockey team wins in overtime.

If you bet on a point spread or an Over/Under and the final score lands on the exact number (ie. when you bet a favourite -3 points and they win by 3, or when you bet Over 6 and there are 6 goals), that is ruled as a push. A push is essentially the same as having your bet cancelled, and your initial wager will be refunded.

Not having to worry about the weird Proline tie rules are just one of the 13 Reasons Why Sportsbooks Are Better Than Proline.