How To Turn $125 Into $1350 Using Sportsbook Bonuses

This is a great article to read if you’re just getting started in online sports betting or if you’re a member at just one sportsbook. It will show you how to use sportsbook 100% sign up bonus offers to build your sports betting bankroll fast.

Betting sports at online sportsbooks has a lot of advantages compared to Proline and other provincial sports lotteries. It’s really convenient, you get better odds, you can bet on 1 game at a time, and you can line shop (compare the different betting odds at different sportsbooks) to make sure you’re getting the best odds.

The biggest advantage, however, might be the bonuses you can get when you sign up at an online sportsbook. Or, in the case of BetOnline, the bonuses you get every time you deposit money.

The best way to take advantage of these bonuses is by joining as many of the best sportsbooks for Canadians as possible. You don’t need to play at all of them forever, but you should make sure you’re capitalizing on every sportsbook 100% deposit bonus offer you can in order to build your betting bankroll.

If you maximize your bonus at several different sportsbooks, you can double your money before you even place your first bet! Or if you do it one sportsbook bonus at a time, you can turn an initial investment of $125 into $1,350 (or more, if you capitalize on the lifetime bonuses at BetOnline.)

Taking advantage of these sportsbook 100% sign up bonus offers will minimize your risk and gives you a great head start towards success.

Even better, sportsbooks like Bet365 and Sports Interaction will occasionally reward you with loyalty bonuses and free bets, which will build your sports betting bankroll even more.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign up for 5 different sportsbooks

The sportsbooks we’ll need to use to build our sports betting bankroll are:

Sign up at each of them.

Registration is free, so there’s no harm in signing up even if you’re not sure you’ll deposit money at all of them.

But you’re going to want to.

2. Set up your deposit and withdrawal methods

Credit cards are the easiest of all ways to fund your online sportsbook account, but a lot of banks won’t allow you to use them.

You’re likely going to need an e-wallet or other funding method in order to deposit money.

You may be able to simply use your online banking to deposit money at Sports Interaction. In order to deposit money at Bet365 and William Hill, which both offer bonuses you’ll want to take advantage of as well, you should use Instadebit, Entropay or paysafecard.

For Bodog and BetOnline, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin, which is the best way to deposit money at those 2 sportsbooks.

There’s a bit of a learning curve with using Bitcoin (we wrote an article that explains how to make Bitcoin sportsbook deposits), but once you’ve learned it, it really couldn’t be easier – and it’s fast and cheap to boot.

You can sign up for free with all of these deposit method providers. You can find detailed instructions about how to use each of them on their websites.

Most of these methods also allow you to withdraw money.

3. Decide how much money you want to invest

If you’re going to take advantage of all of these sportsbook 100% sign up bonus offers at one time, which is the fastest way to build your sports betting bankroll, you’ll need $625 plus whatever you want to deposit at BetOnline.

If that’s a little more than you want to commit for now, you can get started for $125.

It’ll just take a lot longer this way, since you’ll have to deposit at one sportsbook, bet there for a while until you reach their rollover requirement, then withdraw the money and deposit it at the next sportsbook.

But it can easily be done.

4. Deposit $125 at Sports Interaction

The Sports Interaction sign up bonus will match your first deposit 100%, up to $125.

So be sure to load $125 into your account, which will now give you a balance of $250.

If you want to use this money for your next deposit at another sportsbook, you’ll have to wager the value of your deposit plus bonus ($250) 4 times.

That’s a rollover requirement sportsbooks have that prevent you from depositing, getting a bonus and then cashing it out right away. Once you’ve bet the equivalent of $1,000 (100 $10 bets, for example), you’re free to withdraw all your money.

Actual investment: $125
Current balance: $250

5. Deposit $200 at Bodog

The Bodog sign up bonus matches your first deposit, up to $200.

Once your deposit is processed, your bonus will be available to wager with within 30 minutes, and you’ve just turned $200 into $400.


Bodog’s rollover requirement on the signup bonus is 5X. If you put in $200, you need to wager $2000 (200+200 x 5) before you can make a withdrawal.

But if you’re betting sports every night, you can probably meet that requirement within a month.

Actual investment: $325
Current balance: $650

6. Deposit $200 at Bet365

Bet365 has the same great signup bonus as Bodog, 100% up to $200. A cool thing about the Bet365 sign up bonus is that you don’t necessarily need to deposit $200 right away.

When you first sign up for your account, you’ll be emailed the Bet365 bonus code Canada residents are all entitled to. The deposit that they’ll match 100% will be the largest deposit you make within 7 days of receiving that code, so you can start with $20, see how you like it and then deposit more.

To claim your bonus, go to the Members section of the Bet365 website, click on Offers and enter the Bet365 deposit bonus code that you were emailed. Make sure you’ve deposited $200 before you do that to make sure you get the $200 bonus.

You may need the Bet365 bonus explained a bit more to understand how great this offer really is. The Bet365 deposit bonus rollover requirement is just 3X, so you only need to bet $1200 (200+200 x 3) before you can pull out your money.

But wait, we’re not done cashing in bonuses at Bet365! They’ll also give you a 100% bonus up to $100 on the first bet you place on a mobile device or tablet. So once you make your first mobile bet, you’ll receive another Bet365 bonus code, Canada! Enter the offer code the same way you did with your sign up bonus, and it’s another $100 in your account! Again, the rollover requirement is 3X.

There will even occasionally be Bet365 deposit bonuses existing customers can take advantage of. They will send out reward bonuses from time to time (the size of the bonus will be based on the size of your average bet) so you can grow your bankroll even more!

Actual investment: $525
Current balance: $1150

7. Deposit $100 at William Hill

The William Hill sign up bonus is also 100%, but they cap it at $100. Still, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, and it’s worth cashing in on when you are trying to build your sports betting bankroll.

Similar to Bet365, there’s a William Hill bonus code. It depends on which country you’re from, so visit and check out their promotions page to get the William Hill bonus code Canada residents receive.

The William Hill rollover requirement is 4X. If you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus, you’ll need to bet $800 (100+100 x4) before you can withdraw money.

Actual investment: $625
Current balance: $1350

8. Deposit $1000 or more at BetOnline

By now, you should have $1350 to play with and only have risked $625 – possibly investing only $125 of your own money (that’s how we got started at Sports Interaction.

Pretty cool, right?

We’ve left BetOnline for last, because you’ll want to deposit as much money as possible to cash in on their sign up bonus. But if you don’t want to deposit it all right now, it’s no big deal because BetOnline will give you a huge bonus every time you deposit, not just when you sign up.

The BetOnline bonus offer is 25%, but again that’s for life. They cap it at $1,000 in free plays, meaning you’d need to deposit $4,000 to take full advantage.

You’ll also need to deposit in American funds. You’ll probably lose a bit of money in the currency exchange (unless you deposit using Bitcoin), but the massive bonuses you can get at BetOnline will more than make up for it.

BetOnline bonus code

On your first deposit, enter the BetOnline bonus code FIRST to receive your bonus. On any other deposits, use the BetOnline bonus code LIFEBONUS. Both of these bonuses have a 6X rollover requirement.

There are other BetOnline bonus offers you’ll want to cash in on as well. They’ll give you a $25 free play bonus on your first live bet (if you lose your first live bet, they’ll give you back $25, and if you win it you’re up $25 anyway). It’s the same deal on your first mobile bet, except it’s $50, not $25.

Like we said before, you’d need to put in $4,000 to get the full $1,000 BetOnline sign up bonus. For now, let’s just say you put in $1,000 (more than half of which was bonuses from other sportsbooks).

Your sports betting bankroll now looks like this:

Actual investment: $1625
Current balance: $3350

9. Enjoy your huge sports betting bankroll, compliments of sportsbook 100% sign up bonus offers!

Even if you break even on all your sports betting, you’ve made more than $1,500 by cashing in on all of these sportsbook bonus offers!

And by having a bigger bankroll quicker, you can risk more on all your bets, allowing you to make more money faster.

Now that you’ve got a big sports betting bankroll to play with, it’s a wise idea to join Pinnacle sportsbook.

You won’t get a sign up bonus there, but you’ll get the best sports betting odds – which will save you money every time you place a bet.

Good luck!