5Dimes Review

Current Sign Up Bonus: -105 Reduced Juice

5Dimes offers something for everybody. It has generous bonuses, great odds and a wide variety of betting options and props. And this is all offered on a website that might not dazzle you but is very efficient and easy to use.

5Dimes Sign Up Bonus

The 5Dimes sign up bonus is quite generous. You can get a 50% free play bonus up to $200 on your first deposit, and a 20% free play bonus after that of up to another $320. To maximize your 5Dimes sign up bonus, deposit $2,000 and get $520 of free plays.

A nice bonus, for sure. But what really sets 5Dimes apart is that they offer you alternatives as a new player.

You can choose instead to get reduced juice odds (-105 instead of -110) on all major sports and events, cashback on losses, reduced juice on parlays, subsidized point buying, rebates on casino losses or free payouts for life.

Before you choose, make sure to determine what your goals are at 5Dimes. If you just play recreationally and want your money to last longer, the free play bonus might be the way to go. If you’re playing to make money and want better odds, we recommend the reduced juice option. If you see yourself withdrawing money a lot from your 5Dimes account, the free payouts might make more sense than the free plays or reduced juice.

5Dimes Website

You know the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’? Well, don’t judge this sportsbook by its cover, either.

The 5Dimes website is, shall we say, less than inspiring. The graphics are bland, the colour scheme seems tired and outdated.

But once you get past the home page, you’ll actually find the 5Dimes website is remarkably efficient. Betting options in every sport are displayed on the main wagering page. Just click the sport you want to bet on, find your game and input the size of your wager, and input your password.

5Dimes Mobile Site

The 5Dimes mobile site is basically the same as the 5Dimes website, but optimized for better viewing on your mobile device.

There’s also a dropdown menu on the left-hand side that allows quick access to dynamic lines, live betting, the casino, the racebook, the cashier, your account information and the help centre.

5Dimes Live Betting

5Dimes live betting has come a long way recently.

They now offer live betting on many games in a variety of sports. And, rather than just having 5Dimes live betting odds on the point spread, moneyline and total, they now post odds on a wide range of in-game player and team props.

5Dimes Betting Odds

Depending on what you chose for your sign up bonus, 5Dimes betting odds are either great or really great.

5Dimes’ regular betting odds are 20-cent pricing on spreads and totals (-110/-110), and their moneylines are 20-cent pricing up until -175 — which is rare.

If you chose the reduced juice option as your 5Dimes sign up bonus, those odds drop down to 10-cent pricing on spreads and totals. Paying -105 instead of -110 essentially means getting a free bet every 20 wagers.

5Dimes is also known for its good odds on teasers and its wide range of prop betting offers.

5Dimes Deposit Methods

Until recently, 5Dimes deposit methods were quite limited.

However, they’ve become one of the sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. Bitcoin, in case you aren’t aware, is a digital currency that you can send and receive anonymously.

Other than bitcoin, the only deposit options for Canadians are Visa or MasterCard, Western Union and Moneygram.

Though some banks won’t allow you to use their credit cards to fund online gambling accounts, some sportsbooks are better than others when it comes to getting around this issue.

If you have a Visa, you can take advantage of 5Dimes Visa processor. This way, your Visa provider won’t know you are using the card to fund an online gambling account. You’ll be limited to a maximum deposit of $250 on your first deposit, but the limit will be raised to $500 after three successful deposits.

5Dimes Customer Service

5Dimes customer service is provided by telephone, email and live chat.

They also have a page of FAQs that might answer your question before you have to resort to contacting them.

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