Where You Can Find The Best NFL Teaser Odds

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Getting the best odds on every point spread and Over/Under bet you make is critical to success in NFL betting, and so is getting the best NFL teaser odds.

Teasers are a very valuable and effective tool for NFL betting. Though they’re sometimes looked down on as being a parlay (requiring you to combine multiple outcomes on one bet), teasers allow you to move point spreads in your favour in exchange for a smaller payout.

But getting on the right side of key NFL numbers is just part of a smart teaser bettor’s job. Another big part is ensuring you get the best NFL teaser odds on every teaser you place.

Which Sportsbook Offers The Best NFL Teaser Odds?


Odds on NFL teasers vary depending on many games you use in your teaser and how many points you move the point spreads. They also vary by the sportsbook that you’re using.

We looked up odds on a wide variety of NFL teasers and compared them at the 5 best sportsbooks for Canadians. Several different sportsbooks offer the best odds on at least one NFL teaser, but Pinnacle and Bodog stood out for generally offering the best NFL teaser odds.

Below is a list of 15 different types of NFL teasers and a comparison of what the top 5 sportsbooks for Canadians pay on each of them. Underneath that, we’ll break down teasers by the number of teams in them and analyze which sportsbooks are the best.

(This article references American odds. If you aren’t quite sure how to read American odds, check out our article that explains betting odds.)

Best NFL Teaser Odds For 2-Team, 3-Team, 4-Team and 5-Team Combinations

Best NFL teaser odds Canada

2-Team NFL Teasers

Best NFL Teaser Odds: Pinnacle and Bodog

Pinnacle (www.Pinnacle.com) and Bodog (www.Bodog.eu) offer similar odds on 2-game NFL teasers, whether you’re playing a 6-point teaser, 6.5-point teaser or 7-point teaser.

William Hill (www.WilliamHill.com) is the next-best sportsbook for use for 2-game NFL teasers, except if you are teasing the lines by 7 points. They have -115 odds on 6-point teasers and -125 on 6.5-point teasers, but their 7-point teasers are a pricey -140.

If you want to bet a 2-game, 7-point teaser but aren’t a member at Pinnacle or Bodog, Bet365 (www.Bet365.com) also offers -130 odds on those bets.

Sports Interaction (www.SportsInteraction.com) has the worst odds on all 3 of those 2-game teasers. The one argument for using Sports Interaction for 2-team teasers is that you might find better lines on underdogs, since they often inflate odds on less popular bets.

3-Team NFL Teasers

Best NFL Teaser Odds: Bet365

The sweet spot for betting teasers at Bet365 is 3-teamers, since Bet365 offers the best odds on all of them.

All 5 sportsbooks offer similar +160 odds on 6-point teasers, but Bet365 has the best NFL teaser odds on 6.5-point and 7-point teasers.

William Hill, which is similar to Bet365 in that it is a United Kingdom sportsbook, is just behind Bet365 on 3-team 6.5-point teasers and also ranks second on 7-point teasers.

Pinnacle, Bodog and Sports Interaction all pay +140 on 6.5-point teasers. Pinnacle and Sports Interaction are also the same on 7-point teasers, but Bodog offers ’10 cents’ less at +120 odds.

4-Team NFL Teasers

Best NFL Teaser Odds: Pinnacle (but not by much)

There really isn’t that much separating any of our top 5 sportsbooks for Canadians when it comes to 4-team NFL teaser odds.

If you bet them at Pinnacle, you’ll get the best odds regardless of whether it’s a 6-point, 6.5-point or 7-point teaser. However, Bodog and William Hill have the same odds as Pinnacle on 6-point teasers (+260), and all the sportsbooks except Sports Interaction offer +200 on a 7-point teaser.

The biggest difference in 4-team NFL teaser odds comes on 6.5-point teasers. Pinnacle pays +240 odds on those, with the next closest being +225. That’s $15 difference on a $100 bet, so it’s worth paying attention to.

5-Team NFL Teasers

Best NFL Teaser Odds: Pinnacle

Pinnacle leads our 5 favourite sportsbooks for best odds on 5-team NFL teasers.

They pay ’50 cents’ more than the other 4 sportsbooks on 6-point teases, offering +450 return compared to +400 elsewhere. On 6.5-point teasers, they’re ’25 cents’ ahead, giving +400 payouts with Bodog and Bet365 ranking second at +375.

Bet365 and Pinnacle both pay +350 on 7-point teasers, and Bodog gives +325.

6-Team Or More NFL Teasers

Best NFL Teaser Odds: Bodog

It’s pretty rare to bet 6 or more teams on a teaser, and we don’t really recommend it, so we’ll group 6-team or more teasers into one section here.

Pinnacle actually doesn’t offer teasers involving more than 6 teams. They have the best odds on 6-team teasers, paying +700, +600 and +500 on 6-point, 6.5-point and 7-point teaser bets.

From there, Bodog has the best NFL teaser odds, especially on 6-point teasers. They pay +1500 on 8-teamers (the next closest is +1200) and +2000 on 9-team teasers (next is +1800).

Super Teasers

Teaser Type Pinnacle Bodog Bet365 SIA William Hill
3-Team, 10 or 10.5 Point -130 (10 pt) -110 (10 pt) N/A -133 (10.5 pt) -120 (10 pt)
4-Team, 13 or 13.5 or 14 Point -140 (13 pts) -120 (13 pts) N/A -143 (13.5 pt) -200 (14 pt)


Best NFL Teaser Odds: Bodog

Super teasers (also known as sweetheart teasers) allow you to tease the point spreads by more than the traditional 6, 6.5 or 7 point teasers. In return, you need to include more teams in your teaser bet, and the payouts aren’t as large.

A key thing to know about super teasers is that they don’t reduce. In other words, if one of your picks pushes (ties), you will lose your wager. And if a game is postponed or does not conclude and the rest of your picks win, your money will be refunded.

Typical super teasers are 3-team teasers that allow you to move the point spread 10 points and 4-team teasers that allow you to move the point spread 13 points. Some sportsbooks give 10.5 points on their 3-team teasers and 13.5 or 14 points on their 4-team teasers, and their odds vary as well.

Bodog is by far the best sportsbook to use for NFL super teaser odds. Their -110 odds on a 3-team, 10-point teaser is ’10 cents’ better than William Hill, and their 4-team, 13-point teaser is ’20 cents’ better than Pinnacle.