The Many Different Ways To Bet On The Super Bowl

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks would have been a good alternate spread pick in Super Bowl XLVIII, beating the point spread by 37 points. (Photo credit: Keith Allison / Foter / CC BY-SA)

So much of the talk you hear about Super Bowl betting is the point spread, but there are tons of other ways to bet on the big game.

You can bet on the Super Bowl point spread, moneyline or over/under with Proline. It’s obviously convenient because you can just buy your ticket at the corner store, but you’ll get poor odds and have to parlay your Super Bowl picks (bet on a couple other games on the same ticket) instead of being able to just bet on one outcome.

Or you can use online sportsbooks, which allow you to do single-game betting on your computer or mobile device. You can also place a bet over the phone at some sportsbooks.

Using online sportsbooks is legal in Canada, but depositing funds into your account can be a bit of a headache. Bodog is a great sportsbook to use if you need to fund your account quickly before the Super Bowl, since you can deposit money there the same way you make a bill payment through your online banking.

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Below are the many different ways you can do Super Bowl betting at online sportsbooks (odds referenced in this article were current as of Wednesday, Jan. 28):


Super Bowl betting point spread

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By betting the point spread, you can either bet on the Seattle Seahawks +2 (you win if Seattle wins the game or loses by 1, and your bet cancels if the Seahawks lose by 2), or the New England Patriots (you win if New England wins by more than 2 points, and your bet cancels if the Patriots win by 2).


Super Bowl betting over/under

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Betting the over/under (total) means betting on the number of points that will be scored in the game. The over/under for this year’s Super Bowl betting was 48 at Sports Interaction but may vary at other sportsbooks.


Super Bowl betting moneyline

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If you bet the moneyline, you just need to pick the winner. They don’t need to cover the spread for you to win your ticket, and there are no tie rules for a game decided by three points or less.

In this example of the Super Bowl betting odds, you would have to bet $115 to win $100 on New England and $105 to win $100 on Seattle.


Super Bowl live betting

Sometimes you’re not sure who’s going to win the game, or how many points will be scored, until you’ve see a few minutes of action.

This can be particularly true in the Super Bowl, when you think nerves might be a factor.

Live betting allows you this opportunity, adjusting the odds throughout the game depending on how the game is going.


Super Bowl betting quarters

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Rather than bet on the whole game, you can bet on each quarter.

You can bet on the winner of the quarter, or the point spread, or even the teams to tie in the quarter.

You can also bet on totals in each quarter. Typically, the second and fourth quarters have higher totals than the first and third.


Super Bowl betting halves

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Similar to quarters betting, you can bet on each half.

The first half betting lines for Super Bowl betting are usually approximately half of the full-game line. If the point spread is 7, expect a 3.5 point spread in the first half. If the total is 48, expect 24 in the first half.

The second half betting lines will be set at halftime.


Super Bowl betting alternate spreads

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This is betting on the point spread, but with the opportunity of either playing it safe or going for a big score.

If you think it’s likely that the Patriots will win by a touchdown or more, you could take New England -5 and make $162 profit on a $100 bet.

If you are convinced it will be a close game, you might want to play it close to the vest and take the Seahawks +5. This, however, would mean you have to bet $263 to win $100.


Super Bowl betting alternate totals

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Just like alternate spreads, alternate totals allow you to move the line in either direction.

Some sample alternate totals for the 2015 Super Bowl betting include over 44 at -200 odds,over 49 at even odds, under 44 at +134 odds and under 52 at -213 odds.


Super Bowl betting teasers

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A popular way to bet on NFL football is to use teasers, where you can get 6 free points on the point spread or total if you bet on two or more outcomes at once.

Sample 2015 Super Bowl betting teasers at Pinnacle Sports would be combining either the Patriots or Seahawks as +6 underdogs with the over 41.5 or under 53.5 points.


Super Bowl betting parlays

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A parlay bet is when you bet two or more outcomes on the same wager and need to win all of them to cash your ticket (similar to Proline).

There is much more risk involved with this, but also a bigger potential payout.

You can parlay the Super Bowl point spread or moneyline with the total if you’d like, or parlay one of the Super Bowl bets with any other game going on that day.


Super Bowl betting props

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Ahhh, props, the granddaddy of ‘em all. Who doesn’t like betting on squares or some of those other fun contests at Super Bowl parties?

Online sportsbooks offer a ton of prop bets as well, ranging from who will win the MVP trophy to how the first points will be scored, whether the game total will be an even or odd number, who will kick the longest field goal, who will make the first coaches’ challenge, who will complete the most passes and even who will win the coin toss.

Hell, if you’re a real degenerate (and good for you if you are), you can even bet on how long the national anthem will be or whether Katy Perry will kiss a girl during the halftime show.