Paysafecard Review

Account Setup:
None Required
Availability of Funds: Instant

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard (formerly Ukash) allows you to make cash payments online without using your credit or debit card, or providing personal information. It’s ideal for anyone who does not have a credit card or does not wish to submit any financial information online. Along with Bitcoin, Paysafecard is the best anonymous deposit method for Canadians.

How does Paysafecard work?

A Paysafecard voucher is a slip that contains a unique 16-digit code. Use that code to deposit to your sports betting account instantly. Paysafecard vouchers are available at Esso stations, Canada Post outlets and various retail locations across Canada and the world. You can use the Paysafecard website ( to find a location close to you.

Which Sportsbooks Accept Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is accepted at most of the best sportsbooks for Canadians. The current list of sports betting sites that take Paysafecard is below.

Is Paysafecard safe?

It really doesn’t get any safer than Paysafecard, since you can use it completely anonymously. Since every Paysafecard code is unique, you do not need to hold a payment card or register to use the service.

What are Paysafecard fees?

Paysafecard is sold in values of $10, $30, $50, $100, $150 and $250. The more Paysafecard you buy, the lower per cent fee you pay. On a $10 purchase of Paysafecard, you’ll pay a fee of $1.49. On $250, you’ll pay $7.95.

Paysafecard deposit p5

How do I set up an Paysafecard account?

Canadians currently do not have the option to have an online Paysafecard account. Just purchase your voucher at a retail location and then use the 16-digit code to fund your sportsbook account.

What are Paysafecard limits?

We do not know of any limits to how much Paysafecard you can buy at one location.

Paysafecard Withdrawals

If you have a Paysafecard account, you can withdraw money to it by entering the email address that is registered to your account. Canadians do not currently have the option to have a Paysafecard account, however.

Paysafecard Account Currencies

Paysafecard allows you to send money in many different currencies, including Canadian. If you have to change currencies to complete your transaction, Paysafecard offers a currency conversion calculator on its website.

The Bottom Line…

We love the fact that you can pay cash for a Paysafecard voucher at your local Esso station and deposit to your sports betting account before you leave the parking lot.  Anonymously.


If you have any more questions, Paysafecard has an informative help and FAQ section that may answer them.