How To Choose An Online Sportsbook

There are several important things in mind to consider when selecting which sportsbook to join.

There are hundreds of online sportsbooks out there, but only about 50 that you should actually consider doing business with. Remember that these offshore books are not regulated by your government so you could have little recourse if they suddenly close up shop and take your money with them. That doesn’t mean that all sportsbooks can’t be trusted, however. There are many trustworthy sportsbooks with strong financial backing and an excellent track record that have been in business for years, and those are the only sportsbooks we recommend you join.

Getting the best odds you can when you place your wager is crucial to your long-term success. While -110 odds are the industry standard when betting on point spreads and totals, there are sportsbooks out there that offer better odds (known as reduced juice). Using a reduced juice sportsbook like Pinnacle (which offers -105 or lower pricing on most spreads and totals) or 5Dimes will definitely pay off in the long run. The same applies for moneyline bets, where using sportsbooks that offer a dimeline (10 cents difference on the odds for favorites and underdogs) can make the difference between making money and losing it.

Signup and reload bonuses are a major advantage of using offshore sportsbooks. Since offshore books don’t have the overhead costs that brick and mortar casinos like the ones in Las Vegas have, they are able to offer bonuses to attract your business. Some books, like WagerChief and JustBet, have more lucrative bonus policies than others. Check out our bonus ratings page to see which ones offer the best bonuses for you.

Sports and bets offered
Nearly all sportsbooks offer wagering on the mainstream sports (basketball, baseball, football, soccer and hockey), but not all will offer betting on some of the less popular sports (golf, tennis, Olympic sports, etc.). If you like betting on more than just the big-name sports, make sure the sportsbook you are considering will accommodate your needs. Also, sportsbooks like Bet365 and Bodog offer a wider variety of betting options than others, from live betting and team totals to better odds on parlays and teasers.

There are a few other variables you might want to consider before joining a sportsbook, depending on your needs. If you prefer to place your wagers by phone instead of online, you’ll need a sportsbook that accepts wagers over the phone. If you are constantly on the move and need to place your wagers with a mobile device, some sportsbooks are more mobile-friendly than others. If customer service is important to you, choose a sportsbook that offers live chat and telephone support. If you prefer a particular way of sending and receiving money, make sure to choose a sportsbook that accepts that method. Also be sure to check out the websites of the sportsbooks you are considering joining to ensure they are easy to navigate and understand.

Still not sure which sportsbooks are the best fit for you? Let us help you out.