The Top Three Sportsbooks For Baseball Betting

(Photo credit: Keith Allison / Foter / CC BY-SA)

If you’re going to do a lot of baseball betting, it’s crucial to use the sportsbooks that offer the best MLB odds.

That’s because MLB odds vary by sportsbooks more than any other sport. The point spreads on NFL and NBA games are often the same at multiple sportsbooks, but baseball betting moneylines, totals and even run lines are different at many sportsbooks.

Add in the fact that each team plays 162 games per season, and that’s a lot of potential baseball bets you’ll make this year. If you can save a buck or two on every bet you make, that can be the difference between a winning and losing baseball betting season.

5 Cents On Moneyline

With that in mind, here is a list of our top three sportsbooks when it comes to MLB odds:

1. Pinnacle Sports MLB Odds

Pinnacle Sports offers industry-leading odds in almost all sports, and baseball is certainly no exception.

Pinnacle Sports MLB odds are on an 8-cent margin up to -111, and it is one of the very few sportsbooks to offer reduced juice odds on baseball betting totals.

Pinnacle also posts overnight lines with high limits and provides first half baseball betting odds on run lines, moneylines and totals.

2. 5Dimes MLB Odds

The baseball betting odds at 5Dimes are virtually similar to Pinnacle Sports.

5Dimes MLB odds are on a 10-cent margin all the way up to -191, and they are a 20-cent margin up to -266. On overnight baseball betting odds, 5Dimes even posts overnight nickel lines (-105).

5Dimes also has reduced juice baseball totals, plenty of first half baseball betting odds and tons of reverse run lines.

3. Bodog MLB Odds

Bodog is a recreational book known more for its fun betting options than its odds, but Bodog MLB odds are actually pretty good.

Bodog offers a dimeline up to -144, and keeps 20-cent margins up to -200. It also posts overnight baseball betting lines with decent $500 limits.

Bodog offers a nice selection when it comes to baseball live betting. Another Bodog bonus is that it often inflates odds on favourites, giving you great value with underdogs.