Panthers Best Fit To Be Tied In NHL Betting

The Florida Panthers have been working a lot of overtime this season. (Photo credit: Keith Allison / Foter / CC BY-SA)

The Florida Panthers actually got some media attention Tuesday after winning a 20-round shootout against the Capitals.

What hasn’t gone as noticed this NHL betting season is the ridiculous number of Panthers games that are being decided by overtime or a shootout.

Florida has gone to OT in 41% of its games (12 of 29) so far this year. Five were settled in the overtime (Panthers are 1-4) and the other seven went to a shootout (Florida is 3-4 in shootouts).

Betting on games to go to overtime can pay out big in NHL betting. Usually, you’ll get 3:1 odds or better on picking a game to be tied after 60 minutes, which suggests there’s a 25% probability of overtime. With Florida going to OT 41% of the time, it’s always worth considering betting on the Panthers to go to overtime.

You can also bet Florida on the Proline tie at bigger odds. But don’t forget, some provinces only call it a tie if it goes to a shootout. Only 7 of the Panthers’ 29 games have gone to a shootout (24.1%), so you’ll lose a lot of your edge.

Top Five Overtime Bets

Here are the five teams who have played the highest percentage of overtime games this NHL season, along with their records in overtime and shootouts:

1. Panthers (41%)

Florida is 1-4 in overtime, and 3-4 when the game is decided in a shootout.

2. Avalanche (37%)

Colorado is 1-5 in overtime, and 3-2 in shootouts.

3. Senators (37%)

Ottawa 2-3 in overtime and 3-3 in shootouts.

4. Red Wings (34%)

Detroit is 2-2 in overtime, but an awful 1-6 in shootouts.

5. Ducks (33%)

Anaheim is 2-2 in overtime, and 4-3 in shootouts.


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